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The library was quiet, peaceful, and Watson had settled down in a comfy easy chair with a few thick books, medical texts, psychology texts, whatever had struck his fancy. He was flipping through them idly, occassionally humming in interest, or frowning. A century of medical progress was more than a little daunting at times, miles beyond what he had learned in medical school.

But it was no less fascinating.

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Jason, for his part, has been trying to read things. Not just things, but... Things. Like Great Gatsby and The Scarlet Letter and Faulkner... Things. Because he enjoys it, because he misses having to write papers about them a little bit, honestly, and because what the hell else is he going to do with himself? He's coming to the library to change out his books and hopefully find something a little more fun than his last selection, maybe some Vonnegut or something, and he's not expecting to find anyone there when he walks in.

"Oh. Hey, Dr. Watson."

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Admittedly, it's... unsettling, kind of, that someone would be that intent about looking after his welfare. He isn't used to it, at all, far more used to taking care of himself. Or, you know... Not. That someone would be that into his welfare is kind of embarrassing, but he also can't deny that he needs something, someone to attach himself to. Someone's expectations he should live up to. Watson's a good candidate for that.

"I'm alright, thanks." He is, mostly, alright. "I'm just looking for books... What about you?"

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This hadn't been part of his plan, and he glances at the shelves before he smiles and takes up a seat. It's just that he wasn't really for the conversation, and he's still more than a little... shy, especially considering Watson knows about Jason. He tries to look calm, though, giving him a warm smile across from him.

"Well, I was just bringing back Heart of Darkness. Is that one you've heard of? The guy who wrote it's... English, I think, but I don't remember when it was written."

It seems like a vague Victorian kind of thing. He won't let Watson know that Jason mostly classifies when he's from as vaguely Victorian.
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"It was, um..."

Jason hadn't liked it. Parts were cool, but other parts went over his head and oh my god did it take a freaking forever for them to get down that freaking river and find that guy. He wouldn't read it again, honestly.

He kind of feels weird admitting that, though. Like telling his English teacher that he hated his assignment.

"Well, it was pretty cool. This guy going into Africa trying to find this guy who went missing, and it's about savagery and going native. Things like that. The writing was... It was dense, but good."

And thank God he's done with it.

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"You should. I think you'd like it." In other words, it sounds like an adult type of intellectual thing, and Watson's that type, or so Jason thinks. Embarrassingly he really hasn't been up to anything. He tries to think of something to say that doesn't sound like he's been too much of a slacker.

"No news... Just the usual, trying to stay fit... doing a lot of reading. I'm trying to hit the classics. What I'd be reading in school, you know."

In other words, things he's vaguely thought he heard of once.

"What about you? What're you reading?"

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Psychology? Jason perks up because... that doesn't have anything to do with Jason being kind of a huge mess, does it? No, no, that's just him focusing on himself. And being paranoid. Should he be paranoid? Holy crap, if he's this concerned maybe he needs a shrink.

(He doesn't need a shrink.)

"Alienism? ... Why?" He's maybe laughing a little because what is that term?

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"Yeah. It's a little better than... Congratulations! You're so messed up, you're not really human right now. You're an alien."

Jason knows how that feels, though. How often has he felt removed from everyone, isolated, alone, misunderstood? Maybe even not exactly... a person, or not worthy of being one. He's a person for everyone else's sake; when he takes for himself, it always blows up in his face.

"Why're you looking into that, then? Just... Random?"

Date: 2012-07-29 05:43 am (UTC)
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Is that a compliment? Does he sound stupid? Ugh. He smiles because Watson is smiling, but now he's worried. He wants Watson to think he's smart.

And then he goes and mentions the thing where he loves Holmes, and Jason blinks but takes it in stride. He's so calm about it; how can it be so okay for him but not for Jason? Or, well. It wasn't always. He needs to remind himself of that.

"Freud's the one with the slips, right?" Dammit. Sound smart. "Guys want to be their dads and marry their moms? The... Oedipus complex."

He remembers that because he read Oedipus.

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He nods, and he shifts in his chair; his knee starts bouncing idly.

"That makes sense. Medicine advances, the ways of treating people like this advance too. It is good. I'm sure the ways of treating people with, like, depression or something have really improved as they understood it better."

He smiles -- that had sounded good! Celebrate -- and nods at the books. "Are you looking up Freud now, or someone else?"


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