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Follow-up to this.

It had all come out. Though he'd been aware of the existence of the Hulk, vaguely, for some time, now he -- and everyone else -- knew the true facts of the matter. There'd been a public message, and an apology, and it was all very plain.

Not quite so, to Watson. While publicly calling Bruce out was certainly an option, and his anger made that rather tempting, it was not wise, and certainly unduly cruel. Even in his anger, he wasn't that. So it was that he was now in front of Bruce's door, and he was pounding insistently. If Bruce was in, then he damn well was going to open the door for him.

"Banner! Banner, if you're in, I am going to speak with you."

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Aw, shit.

Since the message, he's been waiting for angry people to come banging on his door. Phil and Clint offered their room, and Loki too -- and he probably would've opted for Loki's, not wanting to burden them -- but he figured it would be better to deal with the pitchforks now, just get it over with. Clint's probably in the vents anyway.

That's actually comforting until he hears who's at the door. Uh oh. He really did mean it when he said they'd be fine with it, but he doesn't really want Clint to have to listen in on this. He looks up at the ceiling and quickly hops up onto the bed to tap against it.

"I got this one," he murmurs, hoping Clint can hear, and then he goes to answer the door.

"John." He smiles, and it's bright and defensive. He steps back and sweeps his arm into his room with only a small flourish. "Come in and speak with me, then."

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"It is tied to my heart rate."

Bruce is remarkably calm, purposefully calm. He'd already been braced for conversations along these lines, and he's ready for whatever Watson's going to throw at him. And if he isn't ready, then he'll make himself ready. All his defenses are thrown up, and if you look hard enough, that calm is a thinly veiled bundle of energy.

"It was shitty of me not to tell you, but I'm not really in the business of letting that secret out, when I can avoid it. What was I supposed to say? 'Before we have our random hookup, I have to tell you that I turn into a big green monster sometimes'?"

Date: 2012-09-24 02:16 am (UTC)
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He winces at Watson's harsh words, which, depending on the context, have a much different impact. Then, he'd fucked Watson and it was hot; now he feels sick and gross, and definitely like he'd used him. He'd justified it at the time as Watson was using him too, but he didn't have this kind of a secret up his sleeve, either. Bruce knows it was irresponsible of him and potentially dangerous.

"I never said I had a weak heart; that's what you assumed." Technicalities, Banner. Way to be an asshole. He sighs and wipes a hand over his face, dragging it down slowly before letting his hand drop to his side again. When he looks up, his eyes are apologetic.

"I should have been honest with you, or I should've just not even started anything up. I'm sorry."

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Bruce is far too used to apologizing for the things he's done. He finds it's easier to get the apology over with, usually because he'll either undercut the person's anger or he'll find out it's not an apology they want, anyway. And he's sorry. He's always sorry, continually, infinitely sorry. At least this time what he did was actually something he did intentionally. Not that that makes anything better and shouldn't at all be a consolation... Whatever.

He hadn't exactly expected Watson to accept his apology so easily, but that could have gone worse. He leans against his desk and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, that secret's lost some weight since you were last in the world. Turning into monsters is still an offense punishable by being chased by the military." Another reason why he wasn't forthcoming, but still, no less of an excuse.

"Usually when I tell people, they don't take it very well." Obviously. He raises his eyebrows at Watson, and then relaxes, dropping his eyes. "And I didn't want you to kick me out. I had a handle on it."

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"Sure, go ahead." Likely the carcinogens won't do anything to him, and he doesn't think now is the time for a lecture on cigarettes, not that that's even a lecture he likes to give out to grown, consenting adults. So long as they know the consequences for stupidly playing around with their health, he can't really fault them anything, can he?

"I wouldn't have blamed you if you did. Everyone I've been with since the accident has known about the other guy beforehand, and I hadn't slept with any of them without the thing i showed you." Not even Tony, not that Tony had been aware of that either. Guess it won't ever matter now.

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The smile does a lot to help -- it really does. He flashes the smile back, and really, any and all compliments as to how he is in bed goes straight to his flagging self-esteem. For a guy who hasn't been able to have sex for a while, that really makes him feel good, okay, even in this context; in fact, especially in this context. He has to disconnect his compliments and keep them close where he can.

"It was damn good," he agrees, a little more shy now that he can come off his defensive edge. "It's never an easy thing to drop into a conversation, especially when we were both already half-hard."

He reaches into his shirt and pulls his pendant out, rubbing his thumb against it a moment, before he slips it over his head and passes it to Watson.

"Loki made it for me." He won't go into how or why he's good enough friends with Loki that that would come to pass; he won't unless Watson asks. "It works. I'd say you could try it, but it only works for me."

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There's nothing very placebo about it; it actually alters Bruce's brain chemistry, but that is pretty difficult to prove.

"Yeah, right? But he's met the Hulk and there wasn't a happy ending for him. The Hulk smashed him into the floor a couple times. Loki's on board with keeping him quiet." Or he was until they had a picnic date, but he wagers Loki still worries about the Hulk's unpredictability. In that supposedly quiet week, after all, he'd slammed Logan into the ground and knocked Daneel over.

"Anything else you want to know?"

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"I noticed." He had. "Thanks."

Well, this is awkward. He squeezes his hands in front of him for a second before he gestures to the room, to a chair or the bed. There are enough chairs in his bigger room to accommodate Watson, if he isn't comfortable with sitting on the bed together.

"Have a seat? We could talk, if you want. I have some cookies over here."

Not cupakes. He hasn't been able to eat those since Tony disappeared.

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"Of course you're welcome. Anyone willing to still be around me after they know about the o-- about him, and anyone willing to forgive me what you did -- always welcome to stick around." He means it. He has no idea how many people he'll be able to call a friend anymore, and he's not looking forward to walking on eggshells indefinitely either.

"You're a better person than some others I've met, John. But then my ex-girlfriend's dad was never all that fond of me even before that day in the lab. I still think turning squadrons of troops against me was a bit much."

He smiles, and if it's barbed it's only for the memory of General Ross.


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