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This is a public service announcement for any fans of Doctor Who.

I'm not sure why it should be a public service announcement, come to think of it, but I can't think of a better word, so there it is.

It is simply this: Captain Jack Harkness, whom we know and love, has an extremely close literary forebear, ie someone was doing some sneaky "borrowing" of some nearly-hundred-year-old literature.

Oh, I am serious. )
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Aha, I have found something. A series of screenshots. I did not take them, I merely found and nicked them.

We had this computer game when I was a kid, called Hugo 2: Whodunit. It was the sequel to another game (which I never played until grade 12, at my then-boyfriend's house, during which I got vaguely annoyed at him and our other friend during the copy-protection trivia because goddammit, if I tell you the right answer is that you drink a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster, I know what I'm talking about). Released in 1991, it's a parser-based DOS adventure game. It's... pretty hideous. And pretty merciless, too. It's very easy to die, and even easier to get yourself in a situation where you cannot beat the game.

The plot is such: You are Penelope, the girlfriend of Hugo. In the first game you needed to be rescued by terrible villains, but have now gone with Hugo on a holiday to a nonspecified place in England to visit relatives. And then Hugo disappears and you witness a murder, and you must, of course, solve it.

Simple enough.

There is a sequence in the game which is, frankly, kind of insane, and it also terrified the crap out of me at the time. I was probably ten or eleven. The game was a few years old at the time.

After getting out of the house through a series of secret passages, and passing by deadly killer bees and navigating an extremely irritating maze, Penelope comes across a phone booth. She calls the police. They say, "Sure, well, we're busy right now, but if it's a murder, we'll be there at six. See you then!" Gee, thanks.

If you then dial a number you find written on a wall nearby, you get the following experience. This is not an easter egg. You have to do this to get a an object needed to win the game.

Are you ready? )


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