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This is a follow-up to this thing Rachelle and I have been carried away by which follows the return of Holmes and Watson to their own time after having escaped/released/whatever from the resort. Big chunks of what happens here is pretty much what happens in The Adventure of the Empty House, including the Catallus (idek), but hey, why mess with a classic?

He thought it must be the Catallus that kept that chance encounter in his mind. )
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So this was part one that I wrote of the theoretical if Holmes-and-Watson-returned-to-their-former-life.

And then Rachelle wrote part two, which was Holmes's point of view.

And now I've gone and written part three.

What is this it is running away with us oh my god

But it's fun. :)

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Somewhere in this extremely long and epic thread, Holmes and Watson considered the idea of being returned to where they had been in their old lives (Holmes on the run for his life and in Tibet, Watson widowed and depressed and ridiculously alone in London) but with their memories of the resort intact.

And how much this would sort of suck for them.

Rachelle mentioned to me that she thought Holmes would probably send word to his brother Mycroft (canonically, the only person who does know Holmes is still alive) to tell Watson the truth.

So today, partly because I spent a good chunk of the day sitting around to find out if I was going out in the afternoon and then didn't because it rained and outdoor concerts in rain are not fun, and partly because this scene had been rattling around in my head for a day or two anyway, I sat down and wrote this scene, where Mycroft sits Watson down to tell him this news.

And I don't know what to do with it so I'm posting it here.

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