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Well, it's been a while since you had an update on Holmes's Freaky Sim Daughter, so, have an update.

Whether you want it or not. )
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So a while back I posted the adventures of Sim!Holmes and Sim!Watson, and the general sort of chaos they get up to.

They continue to get up to chaos, of course. Actually, my twelve-year-old sister demanded to see them, and I relented, but I've been reluctant to show anyone my game for the sheer fact that Holmes and Watson go everywhere and make out everywhere. So we had a discussion first.

"Uh, before you see my game, and my Holmes and Watson, there's something you should know..."
"... are they in love?"
Pause. "Yes."
"I've had that happen! You put people together and then they flirt and then they're in love and you didn't want them to be. And you can't make them fight."

She understands.


This is a bit of an update. )
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So, I've mentioned once or twice that I've been playing a lot of the Sims 2 lately. Why yes, Sims 3 is out. No, I don't have plans to buy it.

I've also mentioned that I set up Holmes and Watson in the neighbourhood. This is something I have done in every Sims game I've ever started, since the original game. It was one of the first things I did. First I would set up a little house somewhere with myself, and then I'd sit down and spend a few hours crafting a Victorian-styled manor and stick Holmes and Watson in it. I think I started doing this just because one of the explansions of the original game included skins for Holmes and Watson, and it was just easy.

Even if I have all sorts of words about the deerstalker-and-morning-coat ensemble they gave Holmes. Serious words!

My Sims 2 Holmes and Watson are the first that are an actual couple, because sim!Holmes decided of his own free will to give Watson a backrub in the front yard, and it all sort of spiralled out of control, and even if I'm now uncertain that I can ever show this game to anyone I know, because these two go everywhere and make out everywhere, there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop them crushing on each other.

Ah well.

Anyway, a friend of mine demanded screenshots a little while back, and I thought I'd share. Also, a video of questionable quality.

Enjoy! )


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