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Follow-up to this.

It had all come out. Though he'd been aware of the existence of the Hulk, vaguely, for some time, now he -- and everyone else -- knew the true facts of the matter. There'd been a public message, and an apology, and it was all very plain.

Not quite so, to Watson. While publicly calling Bruce out was certainly an option, and his anger made that rather tempting, it was not wise, and certainly unduly cruel. Even in his anger, he wasn't that. So it was that he was now in front of Bruce's door, and he was pounding insistently. If Bruce was in, then he damn well was going to open the door for him.

"Banner! Banner, if you're in, I am going to speak with you."
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The library was quiet, peaceful, and Watson had settled down in a comfy easy chair with a few thick books, medical texts, psychology texts, whatever had struck his fancy. He was flipping through them idly, occassionally humming in interest, or frowning. A century of medical progress was more than a little daunting at times, miles beyond what he had learned in medical school.

But it was no less fascinating.
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Watson's brain hadn't quite caught up with the reality of his situation. That they were in danger, he understood. That Moriarty was behind it, he grasped easily. That it was necessary to flee the country, he could not argue with even if he wasn't happy about. And it was easy to understand why he had to take this convoluted route to the station, separate from Holmes, even if he didn't naturally fall into step with whatever Holmes's latest plans were.

But here he was, at the station in one piece, still with the feeling that he only knew half of what was going on, or even less than half, and there was no sign of Holmes. Their compartment was occupied, too, by some Italian priest who seemed to speak little English, if any at all, and could not be made to understand he was in the wrong compartment.

Where was Holmes? Watson was beginning to feel more than a little desperate. Had something happened? Was this part of their escape plan? Had there been a last minute change? Ought Watson to get off the train and see if he could, somehow, manage to track him down? Should he stay on the train and wait to see if Holmes rejoined him later on?

He had no idea, but his heart was pounding away in his throat.

The train was pulling out of the station, then, and Watson was craning his head, searching for sign of Holmes, and seeing nothing. He hardly looked at the priest across from him, clutching at the sides of the window in his anxiety.

An excerpt

Feb. 15th, 2011 07:36 am
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This is something I wrote a little while ago, or part of something I wrote a little while ago, for my secret never-linked-to-anyone blog. It has relevance here. Most of the intensely personal part that makes it never-linked-to-anyone is excised. That is a good word, by the way.

(Sorry, Rachelle, for writing essays on the behaviour of Sherlock Holmes behind your back.)

tl;dr )
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Nothing to add, except that I just discovered this and spent some time laughing and rocking out. Enjoy!

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This is a public service announcement for any fans of Doctor Who.

I'm not sure why it should be a public service announcement, come to think of it, but I can't think of a better word, so there it is.

It is simply this: Captain Jack Harkness, whom we know and love, has an extremely close literary forebear, ie someone was doing some sneaky "borrowing" of some nearly-hundred-year-old literature.

Oh, I am serious. )
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As you may or may not be aware, Watson has been writing some adventure romance fiction, because he needs something to do. And I've posted a snippet or two, but this is something I have actually been writing on the side. Not all of it, because honestly, I think everything I know about 19th century India I learned from Kipling, But I've been writing snippets, as they occur to me, and this is the total of what has been written. So far.

Why do I do this? Damned if I know.

It has no title, but the file is called 'indian adventure.doc.' )
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This is a follow-up to this thing Rachelle and I have been carried away by which follows the return of Holmes and Watson to their own time after having escaped/released/whatever from the resort. Big chunks of what happens here is pretty much what happens in The Adventure of the Empty House, including the Catallus (idek), but hey, why mess with a classic?

He thought it must be the Catallus that kept that chance encounter in his mind. )
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So this was part one that I wrote of the theoretical if Holmes-and-Watson-returned-to-their-former-life.

And then Rachelle wrote part two, which was Holmes's point of view.

And now I've gone and written part three.

What is this it is running away with us oh my god

But it's fun. :)

Waiting. )
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Somewhere in this extremely long and epic thread, Holmes and Watson considered the idea of being returned to where they had been in their old lives (Holmes on the run for his life and in Tibet, Watson widowed and depressed and ridiculously alone in London) but with their memories of the resort intact.

And how much this would sort of suck for them.

Rachelle mentioned to me that she thought Holmes would probably send word to his brother Mycroft (canonically, the only person who does know Holmes is still alive) to tell Watson the truth.

So today, partly because I spent a good chunk of the day sitting around to find out if I was going out in the afternoon and then didn't because it rained and outdoor concerts in rain are not fun, and partly because this scene had been rattling around in my head for a day or two anyway, I sat down and wrote this scene, where Mycroft sits Watson down to tell him this news.

And I don't know what to do with it so I'm posting it here.

Continuing Good Health )
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A while ago, Rachelle did this and made up backstory for Holmes to replace the almost nothing that Doyle gave us. And I've been sort of jealous of this, bizarrely, because while yes, I've been playing Watson for like two years without doing something similar, Watson gets even less backstory than Holmes does.

This is what's canon for Watson's background:

1. His father's name seemed to have been H. Watson. No idea what the H stood for.
2. He had an older brother, who was probably also an H. Watson, who inherited an extremely expensive watch from their father, but treated it like shit and pawned it several times and eventually drank himself to death by about 1888, looks like.
3. He played rugby for the Blackheath Football Club as a young man. Incidentally, I love so much that Watson gets mentioned on the wikipedia entry, there. There is no real reason for it.
4. He seems to have lived in Ballarat, Australia at some point, and probably during the Victoria gold rush (which began in earnest in 1851 and stretched out through the 1860s) because he mentions the gold fields specifically.
5. He claims to have an experience of women spanning many nations and three continents.

He's most informative in the very first paragraph of A Study in Scarlet, in which he also informs us that:

6. He attended the University of London and graduated in 1878.
7. He joined the army, and served in India and Afghanistan, assistant surgeon for this regiment and this regiment.
8. He got shot at the Battle of Maiwand and nearly died and then got better and then got typhoid and nearly died again and then he got sent back to England, where, as of 1881, he had "neither kith nor kin" and also pretty much no money to speak of, despite coming from a family that has fifty guinea watches to be inherited. In fact, Watson's military history is highly based upon the military history of the actual surgeon-major of the 66th Foot, who was shot at Maiwand and invalided out of the army.

That is... more or less all I have been working with for the last two years. Almost nothing is known about Watson's life before he got his medical degree, and what there is has no order to it. We don't know what his family was like (presumably there was money at some point), we don't know how much of his youth he spent in Australia and how much in England and at what point or why he might have made the move. We don't know which three continents. Europe's a given, as is Asia. Does Australia count? If he was only a boy when he lived there, can he really be said to have had much experience of women at all while he was there?

For a while I've been dodging around a lot of this stuff, but sometimes... what actually happened would really make a difference to how Watson might feel about something.

Today, I'm going on an adventure to make a lot of shit up. )

There. That was... enjoyable, if a slightly silly exercise.


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